Business & Entrepreneurship Program Curriculum

In 2019, Warrior-Scholar Project launched an expanded version of its classic one-week, humanities course by adding a second week of instruction which focused on a business curriculum at the University of Southern California. During this two-week course, the first week of instruction focused on the established humanities curriculum. The second week shifted to a business curriculum, focusing on topics such as reading & writing for business, business skills workshops, business pitch group work, leadership & team building activities, discussions & panels with business experts, and a pitch showcase capstone. Through these activities, participants developed skills required to succeed in a business-related college degree program.

Warrior-Scholar Project's Business & Entrepreneurship Program is an immersive, week-long academic “boot camp” consisting of business skills workshops, team building & leadership exercises, pitch group work & presentations, and study skills development. University of Southern California faculty, staff, and affiliates execute the program. Warrior-Scholar Project alumni help implement the course by running sessions that address the personal and social challenges unique to transitioning enlisted veterans and communicating the most effective approaches to taking college business degree courses.

Warrior-Scholar Project's Business & Entrepreneurship Program seeks to prepare participants for the demands and challenges of a business-related undergraduate degree program with a focus on entrepreneurship.

This program aims to:

  • Prepare participants for the demands and challenges of a business-related undergraduate degree program.

  • Expose participants to the fundamentals of business, including accounting, finance, sales & marketing, customer discovery, organization, management, entrepreneurship, communications, operations, strategy, and leadership.

  • Engage participants in group entrepreneurship work, pitch development, group problem solving & ideation, effective business presentations, and leadership development activities.

  • Provide participants with multiple opportunities to interact with business leaders who have achieved success in various fields.