Business & Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) Business & Entrepreneurship Program is an immersive, week-long academic “boot camp” consisting of business fundamentals classes, team-building & group dynamics exercises, entrepreneurship projects, pitch group workshops & presentations, business focused campus-specific activities, and skills development.

Entrepreneurship projects have students work together in groups to identify, define, and validate a problem that represents an opportunity for innovation. Students learn how to define why a problem represents an opportunity for innovation, define an unmet need for a user segment, and conduct a current solutions analysis.

Group dynamics workshops prepare students to be successful both in entrepreneurship group projects and as business professionals in general.

Skills development workshops cover topics such as how to give an elevator pitch, how to develop a good email signature, what a resume should contain, how to choose the proper business attire, and more.

Business fundamentals classes introduce students to business-degree related topics through a combination of lectures, discussions, workgroups, and short assignments taught by a campus professor.

Campus-specific activities include topics such as leadership workshops, presentations from leaders in business, panels of local entrepreneurs, and discussions with other veterans who are successful in their fields.

Reading assignments help prepare students with the background they need for each business fundamentals class topic and may include selections from textbooks, articles, and case studies.

The pitch showcase is an opportunity for students to present their entrepreneurship group work to other students, WSP staff, campus staff, and invited guests. After giving their group pitch, students are split into breakout sessions with invited guests to discuss their pitch and learn more about the guests’ backgrounds and interests.

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