Humanities Curriculum

The Warrior-Scholar Project humanities program is an immersive, week-long academic boot camp consisting of readings on American democracy, seminars taught by university professors, study skills workshops, intensive writing instruction, and structured work time with individualized tutoring support. 

Readings consist of texts that encourage thinking about the tradition of American democracy, the challenges that have informed the course of American history, and the relationship between the military and the civilian worlds.

Seminars are taught by professors who are experts in their field and focus on the assigned readings. Seminars replicate the experience of participating in a traditional undergraduate liberal arts/humanities seminar.

Writing workshops introduce students to the expectations of college-level writing and teach them how to write effectively about what they have read, to cite textual evidence appropriately, and to turn their ideas into convincing arguments. Humanities boot camps culminate in a short essay assignment.

Study skills and analytical reading workshops introduce students to a variety of skills essential to success in a college or university. Analytical reading sessions teach students how to assess, analyze, and annotate difficult and unfamiliar texts efficiently. Study skills workshops demystify the learning practices of successful college students including seminar participation, note-taking, time management, and self-care.

Study groups led by Warrior-Scholar Project alumni engage students in the process of grappling with complex academic materials in peer-led discussions. 

Study halls with individualized tutoring support provide students with an opportunity to practice their reading, writing, and study skills. Each evening, students complete reading and writing assignments with tutors on hand to support them.

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