Humanities Curriculum

Warrior-Scholar Project consists of a humanities-based curriculum focused mainly on the themes of democracy and citizenship. Students receive readings and course materials upon arrival at the program. During the course, Warrior-Scholars learn how to read complex texts actively rather than passively through analytic reading techniques we like to call "Ninja Reading." These techniques are particularly helpful for students who find they need to read passages multiple times in order to retain and extract information as well as those students who are concerned about keeping up with a large amount of college reading assignments. Warrior-Scholars also learn how to structure critical arguments for college-level essays.

Warrior-Scholar Project is a highly intense, fully immersive, week-long academic “boot camp” consisting of literature discussion seminars taught by university professors, “tactical” study skills workshops, in-depth writing instruction, and structured writing labs with individualized tutoring support. Warrior-Scholar Project alumni help implement the course, running evening skill-building sessions that address the personal and social challenges unique to transitioning enlisted veterans.

Seminars and writing classes replicate the experience of participating in two kinds of classes: a humanities seminar and an academic writing course. Warrior-Scholars are introduced to classic primary texts in the American tradition, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and presidential addresses from Lincoln to Kennedy, as well as to a selection of readings, which are foundational to western civilization, such as Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War, and Plato’s Republic. Students learn to read closely, engage critically, and communicate and develop their ideas in discussion with their peers, instructors, and university faculty. Afternoon writing workshops introduce students to the expectations of college-level writing, and teach them how to write effectively about what they have read, to cite textual evidence appropriately, and to turn their ideas into convincing arguments.

Tactical study skills workshops introduce students to a variety of essential practice skills that can have a major impact on how students learn in the college setting. Workshops on seminar participation, note-taking, essay outlining, and the proper use of citation and textual evidence demystify the learning practices of successful traditional students and prepare them to hit the ground running in their freshman year.

Study hall with individualized tutoring and support provides students with an opportunity to practice their reading, writing, and study skills. Each evening, students complete reading and writing assignments with tutors on hand, who are capable of answering their questions and helping them through whatever difficulties they encounter.