STEM Curriculum

The Warrior-Scholar Project STEM program consists of lectures on Newtonian physics, recitation sections, readings, problem sets, individual work sessions, research projects, and special STEM talks & demonstrations.

Lectures replicate traditional large group lectures that students will encounter in STEM-related degree programs. Lectures are delivered by several professors with varying styles. The lectures cover one-dimensional motion, two-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws, and work & energy.

Recitation sections guide students through problem solving techniques that are required for college homework assignments, quizzes, and examinations. In these sections, WSP staff will review problems from the textbook and concepts necessary for completing the assigned problem sets.

Reading assignments prepare students for the next day’s lecture and problem set. Students are encouraged to spend their individual work time discussing the readings and asking questions about the physical concepts. Students work through each assigned example problem.

Problem sets are designed to build a student’s understanding of the physical concepts in the class and to learn the mechanics of problem solving. Time is dedicated to completing the assigned problem sets and readings each day. Students also use this time to review concepts or problems with WSP staff and other students. 

Research projects are led by campus researchers (graduate students) and students work in groups to explore a variety of scientific topics and apply their reading and learning skills. On the final day of STEM week, research groups present their research goals, methodology, and conclusions to the staff and other WSP students.

Talks and demonstrations expose students to various STEM topics not represented in the core curriculum and are given by host campus faculty and researchers.

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